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Is Hiring Broken? 5 Steps To Create An Equitable Hiring Process.

Join Headstart’s CRO Tom Price-Daniel to learn more about the state of American hiring, discrimination, and fair hiring.

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You’ll uncover:

  • Facts and figures on the state of hiring in America
  • Exclusive insight into the experiences of discrimination and bias from job seekers and hiring managers
  • How leading organizations are building equitable hiring processes
  • What equitable hiring means, and the steps you can take to drive change in your organization

Despite the huge societal spotlights on inequality, bias, and discrimination over the last decade, many organizations are still wondering what went wrong, and what they should be doing.

But the way most organizations hire early talent is broken. The process is not fair. Job seekers are frequently discriminated against because of their gender, race, and socioeconomic background. Whilst talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not, especially at the early career stage.

When organizations can build an equitable hiring process and apply it to hiring across their campus and experienced hire strategy, they can hire candidates with the right skills for their organization, exceed their diversity objectives, and lead the movement in fair recruiting.

Whilst most organizations are focused on improving diversity and inclusion with quick wins, the most innovative HR and talent acquisition teams are building fair, equitable hiring practices. But what does an equitable process look like, and how do you implement it?

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