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The State of UK Graduate Recruiting

We surveyed 100+ early talent leaders in UK organisations to understand how their processes, technology, and situations have changed as a result of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and the economy.

Find out what happened to roles and applications in 2020, and what the future may hold for the UK's graduate recruiting teams. 

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What 100+ graduate recruitment leaders told us about early talent hiring

If we were going to make a bid for understatement of the millennium, we might say something like “2020 was not without its challenges”.

Over the past 12 months, early talent recruiting teams - those hiring graduates, intern, and other entry-level roles - have been forced to change the way they work and interact with candidates and how they hire staff.

We spoke to 100 recruitment leaders from across the UK enterprise space, a group that spanned many industries and verticals, to find out how they got on in 2020 and how they see things developing throughout 2021.

In the report, you'll uncover:

How many teams saw applications soar, but available roles shrink

If graduate teams have made changes as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement

Where graduate recruiting teams think their processes, technology, and strategy fails them

What teams are looking to change as they move into 2021

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