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Social mobility: A guide to recruitment's next big topic

Unfortunately, some people have greater access to life-changing opportunities than others. Social mobility can help level the playing field.

In this new guide, we dig deep into the bubbling topic of social mobility and explain how hiring managers and recruiters can help disadvantaged groups break through.

social mobility - examining recruitments next big objective - headstart

In this guide, social mobility essentials recruiters need to know:

What social mobility is and why it matters

Statistics that show the scale of the problem

How social mobility plays out in the workplace

How HR teams can enable social mobility

How to attract a broader range of candidates and nurture a diverse pipeline

Social mobility action points and advice


🗯 "Social mobility is the ability to traverse this gap — it’s the degree to which an individual or group ’ status can change over the course of their lifetime, through a system of social hierarchy."

Socially aware hiring put into action

By understanding and supporting social mobility, you're taking impactful steps; before society tells you to.

Social mobility doesn't just bolster brand sentiment; early talent from lower socio-economic backgrounds are often (previously) hidden gems. Through your recruitment, you have the power to let raw talent through previously barricaded barriers. Pretty incredible, right?