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We know it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, insights, and research. That's why we're creating resources to help talent acquisition professionals succeed.

Racial Bias in ATS Technology: Cutting Black Bias by 18%

Could your applicant tracking system be perpetuating discrimination against Black candidates?Our study of over 20,000 applicants, shows that legacy ATS platforms enable inequitable hiring processes that lead to severe discrimination amongst Black and Asian candidates.

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Achieving 50:50 Gender Balance in Finance Hiring

After discovering their recruiting pipeline was mostly male, this financial services firm lacked the data, insight, and capability to move the needle on gender diversity.

Using Headstart, the firm has reduced human bias, and now makes over 50% of their industry placement program offers to females.



We brought the talent acquisition and HR professionals together to learn how to adapt to the reality of today.

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Activating Inclusion: Preventing Loneliness in Remote Teams

Many teams now find themselves working from home as a result of the world health situation. But it's easy for anxiety, stress, and depression to set in, with reduced social contact, high pressure, and ambiguity on the future.

Watch the webinar now, presented by Gareth Jones, Headstart CEO, and Laura Stembridge, Founder/CEO at InsideOut. Read more >

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Remote Hiring: Can It Work?

In times when the world comes to crisis - how do we keep the world of work turning? Teams need to adapt, using technology to reduce face-to-face interactions but still ensuring quality screening, assessment, and selection processes.

Watch the webinar as Gareth Jones, Headstart CEO, guides you through remote hiring practices. Read more >

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