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Fast and fair candidate screening for volume hiring

Potential is hard to pin down. It's even harder when you’re dealing with 100’s of roles and 1000’s of applications.

Headstart helps recruiting teams hire faster and fairer. By supercharging your screening, we make it easier to identify potential and hire the best candidates.

Introducing FairScreen

Advanced screening for your existing ATS

Replacing an ATS is a daunting task. With FairScreen, you don’t have to. It offers Headstart’s most powerful candidate screening features and integrates with every major ATS.

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less time screening


pipeline automation

Screen quickly and accurately

How long does your team spend sifting through applications every week?

Screen 1000’s of candidates instantly without missing any top talent and reduce your team’s workload. 

FairScreen calculates candidate potential quickly and consistently. Screen out ineligible applications in bulk and identify best-fit candidates using our fully configurable Match Score.


increase in female tech hiring


increase in ethnic minority hiring

Remove bias and increase diversity

Pressure to fill roles efficiently can push diversity down the priority list.

Put fairness at the heart of your hiring process and uncover diverse, hidden talent that helps you hit your targets.

FairScreen uses data science to assess every candidate equally. Go beyond the CV to find hidden skills and put achievements in context, so you can find true potential that other platforms miss.


candidate NPS score


application completion rate

Improve the candidate experience

Are candidates put off by your hiring process?

Make the candidate experience painless from start to finish, and keep hold of more top talent, without increasing your workload.

FairScreen helps you to create an on-brand, inclusive application experience. Capture the information that matters and empower candidates to show their best selves.

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Legacy HR systems can be expensive and unwieldy. We designed FairScreen to be fast and flexible, offering better screening without changing systems.

FairScreen works alongside your existing ATS, so you can be up and running in weeks not months.


We don’t just do screening. The full Headstart platform includes FairScreen and can be used to manage candidates efficiently from apply to hire.

Using Headstart as your ATS, you can automate manual tasks and analyze how candidates move through your pipeline, so you can focus on recruitment, not admin.


HR Directors

who want to improve company culture, boost business performance, and reduce cost-per-hire

Heads of Talent

who want to improve the quality and diversity of hires, and support their team with time-saving tech

Heads of DE&I

who want to make progress with diversity goals and create a more equitable, inclusive organization


who want to fill roles quickly, reduce manual tasks, and assess candidate potential more confidently

Headstart applicant tracking features

Candidate management dashboard 

Automated candidate comms

Diversity hiring insights

Custom pipeline stages

Performance analytics & reports

Assessment scheduling


Katie George

EMEA Tech Campus Lead, Amazon

"It isn’t often you encounter a truly unique new offering in the recruitment market, so when you are faced with something as disruptive and innovative as Headstart, you have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon!"

Catalina Schveninger

Global Head of Resourcing and EVP, Vodafone

"Headstart will enable us to attract the most talented candidates and match them with exciting job or rotational program opportunities. We believe in the great potential this disruptive piece of tech has."


There’s a reason why busy recruiting teams rely on us to screen 1000's of candidates instantly and impartially. Find out how Headstart could help you and how much it costs.