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Hire diverse early talent, fairly and faster.

From candidate application to pipeline analytics, Headstart's applicant tracking system speeds up your early talent hiring process with diversity in mind.

Headstart HR Technology Platform


increase in diverse hires


pipeline automation


reduced cost-per-hire

Intuitive candidate experience

Headstart's candidate experience is optimized for speed, conversion, and relevance. Over 80% of candidates complete the process, growing the talent pool.


Screen candidates with diversity in mind

Headstart's unique machine learning alogirthms screens and ranks every candidate in context against their unique fit with the role - removing unconscious bias from the process, and improving pipeline diversity by default.

Track applicants with ease

Headstart's dashboard helps recruiters move candidates through the process with ease. Automated workflows and communication removes manual effort, and ensures every candidate receives a positive experience. (1) (2)


Headstart's at-a-glance analytics gives you instant insight into hiring performance. Recruiting managers can identify biases in the process, proactively respond to pipeline makeup, and monitor role performance.

Boost diversity in early talent hiring now

Go live with Headstart in weeks with 82% automation and 55% cost-per-hire savings from day one.