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Outside Insight chat to Jeremy Hindle

Headstart co-founder Jeremy Hindle chatted to Thea Sokolowski at Outside Insight.

JeremyJeremy Hindle | and Thea – Director of Marketing at Outside Insight – chatted about all things Headstart. In particular they discussed in detail how Headstart leverages advanced machine learning, data science and predictive analytics to vastly improve the job application process not only for the hiring teams, but also for the candidate too.

Following on from the interview Thea published her write up as part of the Insight series – a series specifically for Investors and Product Developers alike – on Outside Insight.

The key takeaway from the interview with Jeremy that Thea shared with the publication readership was as follows:

The recruitment and HR industry is due for a massive shakeup, and it’s the perfect use case for the latest machine learning technology. Companies like Headstart are leveraging external data to change the recruitment experience for both employers and job seekers, in an effort to ensure candidates will be placed in the best role for them – leading to successful teams with motivated employees down the road.

A resounding seal of approval from Outside Insight right there!

You can read the interview in full over here.


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With major brands like Accenture publicly supporting our mission, Headstart is already improving the recruitment experience for candidates around the world.

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