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Headstart recruits 20,000 students in first six months

This month HR News featured an update on Headstart, and reported on our successes to date. Specifically that we have recruited nearly 20,000 students (circa 56% female and 50% STEM) have signed up to our product in our first six months, and have grown a loyal network of student ambassadors in over 100 universities across the UK.

HR News also shared news on some of the big name brands are leveraging our technology in order to help ensure truly diverse, talented and suitable entry-level intakes.

The Headstart App system is an innovative way for us to combine our assessment criteria with our attraction messages through a mobile platform – unique in today’s market. It provides us with a simple communications channel to reach potential candidates beyond the normal methods.

~ Katie Cripps, Head of Marketing and Attraction for Early Careers at RBS

Read the article in full over here.



We’d be more than happy to take you for a spin around Headstart – either virtually or in the flesh – just pop your details across and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll arrange a suitable time and place to break down how Headstart works, how it can meet your hiring needs, where it will deliver value to your organisation and your candidates, and we’ll also provide you with details on pricing and our engagement model.

Headstart is on a mission to transform the way organisations hire! We are the world's first diversity driven Applicant Matching and Management System. We use Machine Learning and Data Science to transform the recruitment process, enabling clients to find the right high potential employees regardless of gender, ethnic status, sexual orientation or age.

With major brands like Accenture publicly supporting our mission, Headstart is already improving the recruitment experience for candidates around the world.

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