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Latest insights on diversity, early talent, and the future of work

Neurodiversity at work and its untapped commercial potential

Neurodiversity at work. Headstart hiring tools. Women with shaved head looks at camera

Autism, ADHD, dyslexia — these “conditions” have long been misunderstood and overlooked in modern workplaces. Now, businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of neurodiversity at work. How clued up are you? Understanding Neurodiversity at work As Oscar Wilde once famously said: “Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.” And it’s true — no two people…

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Gender bias in the workplace – why does it still happen?

gender inbalance in the workplace

Of all the forms of workplace discrimination, gender bias may be the most talked about. But while we’re all aware of gender bias at work, how many of us are actively fighting against it? What is the definition of gender bias? By way of definition, gender bias is a preference or prejudice toward one gender…

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Engaging the Class of 2021: How to Move Campus Recruiting Online

With as many as 83% of in-person hiring events having already been either cancelled, postponed, or updated to a virtual format and most campus career centers planning to offer services either entirely online or in a hybrid model in the fall and nearly half planning to shift their fall career fairs to virtual events, it’s…

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10 Organizational Changes to Expect for the Post-COVID-19 Era

In the immediate aftermath of the onset of the global coronavirus crisis, companies across industries simply had to react. Scramble. Take immediate action. Fast. Now, as economies across the world begin to reopen in phases, businesses can also start to return to more strategic planning. To help employers during this critical moment of transition, as…

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Why The Post-COVID-19 World Needs Social Mobility More Than Ever Before

The long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will intensify the existing divide in life opportunities between the rich and the poor in the United States who, among the world’s most developed nations, provides the least economic mobility for its citizens. After the pandemic, restoring the American Dream may take a while. But for too many,…

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Candidate Experience: Heaven or Hell

Candidate Experience: Heaven or Hell

Getting a candidate to say “yes” to the job offer isn’t just about the salary and benefits package recruiters are able to present. At the end of the day, it’s also about making an impression throughout the entire hiring process. Even though the recent economic downturn has shifted the job market, companies that deliver inconsistent…

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Early Career Recruiting Trends 2020

Early talent trends

The Covid-19 crisis has brought trends analysis to a grinding halt. Everything we thought we knew is no longer the case. In light of such drastic world changes, a reflection on recent trends is an opportunity for recruiting teams, to focus energies and adopt new tactics for a stronger early career strategy – when the…

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AI in Recruiting, a Cheat Sheet for Recruiters

Al cheat sheet

For too long, the playing field has been uneven for job seekers, particularly for women candidates and candidates of color. Thanks to new technology now available—AI in recruiting, and machine learning designed to help remove bias from the hiring process—that’s changing. No matter how open-minded any of us may strive to be, we all have…

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8 Early Talent Podcast Episodes For New Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

With millions of podcast episodes available covering every topic – from real-life murder mysteries and boardgame fan clubs, to technology predictions and productivity – it’s never been harder to cut through the noise and find podcast episodes that are relevant to you. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Here are…

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First-class honours in diversity

Early talent and diversity

The Unsurprising Link Between Diversity and Early Talent Fresh thinking and emerging talent is a necessity in business, every 30 under 30 lists re-affirms there’s no shortage of new and incredible business minds. Traditionally, the most established entry route in transforming talent into future leaders is the graduate scheme. Internships, apprenticeships, co-ops, and graduate programmes…

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Stunted development? 5 forces limiting D&I improvements in early talent

Early talent

“To address diversity challenges in early talent, we need to think differently and try new approaches” said Tom Daniel-Price, Headstart CRO, at the UK’s first ‘Inclusive Hiring’ event, supported by Headstart. The biggest early talent challenges faced today, according to 25 recruitment and hiring managers We asked a room full of diversity focussed recruiters and…

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Video: Break the unavoidable cycle of exclusion

Why are there more diversity programs than ever, but still no real change? Why is the positive impact of diverse workforces scientifically-proven, but is it still not a priority for executives at organizations around the world? In his keynote speech at the 2020 Inclusive Hiring conference, Headstart CEO Gareth Jones shares his experience building an…

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