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Latest insights on diversity, early talent, and the future of work

5 Ideas That Will Transform Your Campus Recruitment Strategy (And Find the Best New Grads for the Job)

When did you last update your campus recruitment strategy? Your business could be missing out on the newest top talent. Here’s why… Campus recruitment is the process of finding, engaging, and employing young people with the ideal skills to fill entry-level positions. Traditionally, businesses have visited career fairs and met with career service teams to…

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AI & Diversity: The Artificial Intelligence Tools Making Modern Workplaces More Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion are key to creating a best-in-class workforce and work environment — and AI can help you reach your D&I goals. But what role does AI play in diversity and inclusion? And how will AI continue to shape diversity and inclusion in the workplace as technology evolves? A diverse and inclusive workforce is…

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8 Early Talent Podcast Episodes For New Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

With millions of podcast episodes available covering every topic – from real-life murder mysteries and boardgame fan clubs, to technology predictions and productivity – it’s never been harder to cut through the noise and find podcast episodes that are relevant to you. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Here are…

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First-class honours in diversity

Early talent and diversity

The Unsurprising Link Between Diversity and Early Talent Fresh thinking and emerging talent is a necessity in business, every 30 under 30 lists re-affirms there’s no shortage of new and incredible business minds. Traditionally, the most established entry route in transforming talent into future leaders is the graduate scheme. Internships, apprenticeships, co-ops, and graduate programmes…

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Stunted development? 5 forces limiting D&I improvements in early talent

Early talent

“To address diversity challenges in early talent, we need to think differently and try new approaches” said Tom Daniel-Price, Headstart CRO, at the UK’s first ‘Inclusive Hiring’ event, supported by Headstart. The biggest early talent challenges faced today, according to 25 recruitment and hiring managers We asked a room full of diversity focussed recruiters and…

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Video: Break the unavoidable cycle of exclusion

Why are there more diversity programs than ever, but still no real change? Why is the positive impact of diverse workforces scientifically-proven, but is it still not a priority for executives at organizations around the world? In his keynote speech at the 2020 Inclusive Hiring conference, Headstart CEO Gareth Jones shares his experience building an…

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What we learnt at Inclusive Hiring

Diversity declaration

Surrounded by the greatest known thinkers, philosophers and poets at The British Library – what better place to discuss mighty topics like diversity and inclusion? Despite the venue, we were all shocked no one uttered ‘book covers’ …and not ‘judging’ by them – perhaps it was simply too cliche for our clever and insightful community…

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Workshop Recap: Hiring Diverse Future Leaders With Early Talent

Inclusive hiring - early talent workshop

‘A brick can be anything it wants to be..’ At the inaugural Inclusive Hiring conference on 30th January 2020, Tom Price-Daniel led an eager group of 30 early talent experts through a one-hour session to identify obstacles in hiring for early talent diversity… and some potential solutions to evolve industry thinking, methods, and approaches. Opening…

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The elephant in the room of Bias: You…

It is interesting to see how as each new year rolls by a new “hype” comes with it – and “AI” is the current subject that dominates the conversation both on and offline. But unlike its predecessors, AI seems to have gone from hero to zero in in less time that it takes to say…

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Time for change

It’s been six years since Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft first released diversity reports, revealing the companies’ workforces were overwhelmingly white or Asian men. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote his employees a letter promising the company would be “as innovative in advancing diversity as we are in developing products.”  It’s been 30 years since a…

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HR and Artificial Intelligence: Why we need to consider diversity now more than ever

This article is inspired by a stimulating discussion at an HR leaders meetup at Odgers Berndtson last week and from listening to this podcast involving Stuart Russell – a pioneering authority on Artificial Intelligence.   AI and why we don’t need to worry As with any buzzword artificial intelligence (AI henceforth) is being thrown around…

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How AI Cuts Through The Noise In The Talent Pool

New recruiting mechanisms are driving an enormous number of candidates to apply for open positions, and to better search those applicant pools, companies are increasingly turning to AI to take a more data-driven approach to recruitment. Watch Forbes Insights with Nick Shekerdemian.

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