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HR Insights on diversity, early talent & the future of work


What Gen Z want from work — as told by 3 Gen Z changemakers

gen z work

There’s a new cohort influencing the world of work. Engaging Gen Z at work — and on their terms — could mean attracting, and retaining, some of the most tenacious and innovative employees ever. Here’s how. Part 1. Demystifying Generation ZPart 2. Gen-Z approach to workPart 3. How to attract…

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Autism at work: achieving inclusion for a spectrum of needs

autism inclusion - hr insights

The autistic community represents a wealth of un- and under-utilized skills. It’s in everyone’s interest to change that — making workplaces across the world more inclusive for those with autism. Inclusion and autism — are you doing enough? Autism is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ACA). According to this…

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Avoiding “like me” bias in early talent mentorship

like me bias in early talent mentorship

Bias creeps up everywhere at work. And if you’ve ever shown slight favoritism for a junior who reminds you “of a younger me,” you’ve inadvertently fueled a biased working environment. Mentorship programs develop early talent to the best of their potential. But how do you avoid the “like me” bias…

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How diverse is the tech industry, anyway?

how diverse is tech - man wearing sunglasses

It’s an industry renowned for forward-thinking, but tech is slipping behind when it comes to DEI.  Here’s how some organizations are overcoming the challenges to build an ethnically, gender, age, and neurodiverse workplace — and how you can join them.  Diversity in tech: the current reality In 2014, tech’s major…

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Discrimination in your workplace? Here’s how to call it out

workplace discrimination header image

Workplace discrimination hurts the individual, the team, and the organization as a whole. So when prejudice sneaks into your company’s ways of working, how do you stop it? You need to speak up. Would you stand up to discrimination at work? Witnessing discrimination puts us in a difficult position at…

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LGBTQ+ in the workplace: supporting authenticity

LGBTQ+ in the workplace

Psychological safety is the feeling of being accepted and respected. It indicates being yourself in a professional setting, without fear of judgment, and it’s something all staff should enjoy as standard. Although, that’s not always the case. Psychological safety for LGBTQ+ employees If a salesperson takes a risk in a…

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How inclusive is your culture? It’s time for a health-check

inclusive culture - two professionals with braids

Every employee responsible for building, and maintaining, an inclusive culture. Leaders need to lead, yes. But culture is the outcome of everyone coming together. So how do you know when there’s still work to be done? Diversity is part of everyday life, but inclusion often isn’t In many US cities,…

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REAL Talk: Communicating DEI (properly) in 2021

HEADSTART DEI- Curly haired man talking to the camera

Your teams look to you as the expert on, and champion for, fair practices in your organization. But how familiar are you with what DEI is? Or how to talk about it with your colleagues? Decoding DEI — what does it mean? As HR managers, recruiters, and business leaders, we…

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Experts talk: hiring (and championing) neurodivergent grads

hiring neurodivergent grads - headstart - hr insights

Even in the context of DEI, neurodiversity is rarely discussed. Is neurodivergent hiring at risk of being overlooked, especially for early talent? Here’s what our experts had to say… Neurodivergent representation in today’s workplace We’re going to put this plainly: neurodivergent talent has a hard time entering the workforce. In…

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Supporting dyslexia at work: what can HR do?

dyslexia at work - young women in business attire

Dyslexia affects around 15% of Americans, making it one of the most common learning difficulties around. But how supportive are you of dyslexia at work? Dyslexia – what is it, how common is it, and how does it affect work? Dyslexia causes problems with reading, writing, and spelling. Employees with…

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Cultivating inclusive early talent internships (+ 9 practical resources)

early talent internships

Early talent internships open doors to the world of work. But do they offer equal opportunities to new and soon-to-be grads from different demographics? Not always. Here’s how — and why — internships could offer more, to more people. The purpose of early talent internships Internships are nothing new —…

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Early talent recruitment – are you fishing in the wrong pond?

early talent recruiting - young student with a book looks at camera

Where are you focusing your campus recruiting efforts? It goes without saying, there’s a lot to be said for Ivy League schools. Yet, they aren’t the be-all and end-all — particularly if your business is wanting the best early talent.  Tunnel vision is jeopardizing your campus recruiting efforts We’ve all been…

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