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8 Early Talent Podcast Episodes For New Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

8 Early Talent Podcast Episodes For New Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

With millions of podcast episodes available covering every topic – from real-life murder mysteries and boardgame fan clubs, to technology predictions and productivity – it’s never been harder to cut through the noise and find podcast episodes that are relevant to you.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Here are our recommendations on the top podcast episodes that every campus and graduate recruiter should listen to.

Campus Recruiting Evolution at PwC – Recruiting Future

In this episode, host Matt Alder hears from Alexa Mershcel, US Campus Recruiting Lead, and Ashley Lasher, Northeast Assurance Business Recruiting Manager, both from PwC on:

  • How technology is changing the campus recruiting experience for both candidates and recruiters
  • The importance of aligning Talent Acquisition closely to the business
  • Transparency and the new power of the job seeker

Click here to listen to the podcast

The Evolution of Campus Recruitment – Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter speakers to employer brand expert Nicole Dorskind on:

  • How to get into a student’s head to understand their ambitions and aspirations
  • How to balance being present on digital and physically attending campuses to meet students.
  • Why Dell and EY do campus recruitment the right way.

The Evolution of Campus Recruitment

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Recruiting Campus Hires for the Globe’s Most Remote Engineering Jobs – Riviera Associates

Hear from Frank McKay, Recruiting and University Relations Manager, North America, at Schlumberger and learn how they use campus hiring to recruit top-tier engineers to work in the globe’s most remote oil/gas extraction projects.

Insights: Amplified. Podcast! Recruiting Campus Hires for the Globe’s Most Remote Engineering Jobs

How This CHRO is Building an Inclusive Workforce (Hint: Referrals & Campus Recruiting) – PeopleTalk

Tim Toterhi, CHRO at Cenduit talks about how campus recruiting helps build an inclusive workforce, and how they think about diversity of thought.

Click here to listen to the podcast

Increase the Diversity in Your Campus Recruiting Program – Ins and Outs of Recruiting Millennials

Learn from Iram Jamil , University Relations for Ericsson Silicon Valley, and how Ericsson:

  • Track diversity recruiting data in your campus recruiting program
  • Use campus recruiting to further their diversity recruiting efforts
  • Have incorporated diversity recruiting in their early talent recruiting

Click here to listen to the podcast

Successful On-Campus Recruiting for Long Term Employee Engagement – Yay Monday!

Brien Convery is the Director, Early Talent Acquisition, Attraction and Engagement, at RBC, Brien leads the Canada campus recruitment teams to attract, engage, recruit and mentor the “right” student talent at one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Click here to listen to the podcast

How Google Engages Student Talent – Recruiting Future

Suhail AH is Talent and Outreach Programs Lead at Google India and Valley Mein who is Student Development Lead for Google in the APAC region. With host Matt Alder, you’ll find out:

• How Google engage students in a meaningful way

• Why Google are developmental programs for students

• The importance of building long-term talent relationships

Ep 154: How Google Engages Student Talent

Best Practices in College Recruiting – HR Works

Listen to Tom Borgerding, CEO and president of Campus Media Group Inc discussing top tricks they’ve learnt with college recruiting.

HR Works Podcast: Best Practices in College Recruiting

What have we missed?

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