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Latest insights on diversity, early talent, and the future of work

Neurodiversity at work and its untapped commercial potential

Neurodiversity at work. Headstart hiring tools. Women with shaved head looks at camera

Autism, ADHD, dyslexia — these “conditions” have long been misunderstood and overlooked in modern workplaces. Now, businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of neurodiversity at work. How clued up are you? Understanding Neurodiversity at work As Oscar Wilde once famously said: “Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.” And it’s true — no two people…

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Gender bias in the workplace – why does it still happen?

gender inbalance in the workplace

Of all the forms of workplace discrimination, gender bias may be the most talked about. But while we’re all aware of gender bias at work, how many of us are actively fighting against it? What is the definition of gender bias? By way of definition, gender bias is a preference or prejudice toward one gender…

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Gen Z Recruitment: 5 ‘Iconic’ Ways to Hire & Retain Early Talent

recruiting gen z talent - gen z using old technology

They’re changing language, creating new trends, and probably type faster than you can speak — but who is Gen Z? And what do you need to know about Gen Z recruitment exactly?  The definition of Gen Z Generation Z is made up of those born between 1997-2012, representing almost 70 million 7-22 years old in…

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Inclusive Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Teams

inclusive employee engagement ideas remote teams

Remote working brings both highs and lows for HR departments. One of their biggest struggles? Engagement ideas for remote teams. Here are ways to keep your remote workforce working together, even when they’re miles apart. For all the benefits remote working enables, reduced overheads, increased flexibility, and no commute –– it certainly has drawbacks for…

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How to (Actively) Tackle Unconscious Bias in Workplace Recruitment

unconscious bias workplace recruitment - police line up of potential employess

A test to help recruiters describing unconscious bias Unconscious biases, also known as implicit biases, are assumptions and stereotypes that people unknowingly form about groups of people. These biases, no matter how back-of-mind, affect how people understand and engage with individuals in that group. There’s a common, but powerful, example that goes: A father and son are…

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What Is Diversity Fatigue in The Workplace — and How We Can Overcome It?

diversity fatigue workplace

Diversity fatigue won’t just drain your HR team, it can have serious consequences on your organization as a whole. In this article, we explore the definition of diversity fatigue, how to recognize it in your workplace, and what you can do to overcome it. Let’s pan out for a moment and reflect… What is the…

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Transform Your Campus Recruitment Strategy with These 5 Tips

headstart campus recruitment tips

When did you last update your campus recruitment strategy? Your business could be missing out on the newest top talent. Here’s why… Campus recruitment is the process of finding, engaging, and employing young people with the ideal skills to fill entry-level positions. Traditionally, businesses have visited career fairs and met with career service teams to…

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AI & Diversity: The Artificial Intelligence Tools Making Modern Workplaces More Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion are key to creating a best-in-class workforce and work environment — and AI can help you reach your D&I goals. But what role does AI play in diversity and inclusion? And how will AI continue to shape diversity and inclusion in the workplace as technology evolves? A diverse and inclusive workforce is…

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Looking for Rising Stars? 3 Reasons to Hire and Develop Early Talent Today

Every year, colleges across the US produce thousands of graduates, eager to embark on exciting new careers. And, every year, organizations of all sizes have an opportunity to discover amazing new talent — potential hires who not only have the power to bring a fresh approach to established processes, but are keen to utilize the…

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A Diverse Workforce is Game-changer for Business, here’s why

diverse workforce - headstart- a pink background with a man smiling away from the camera. He is wearing a checked shirt

Diversity is much more than a checkbox on a to-do list — it makes companies better by bringing different perspectives to the table. But how do those different perspectives affect a company’s success? And how can you achieve diversity in your workplace?  In today’s teams, “diversity” covers a range of characteristics, including race, sex, gender identity,…

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It’s Time To Fix The Graduate Gender Pay Gap

It’s a well-documented fact that women—and women of color in particular—earn less than men. And while obtaining an advanced degree can open the doors to many career opportunities, it doesn’t necessarily lead to equal pay for women. In fact, research shows that within one year of graduation, males earn 8% more than females and, within…

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Fighting Bias in Campus Recruiting: 10 Candidate Screening Mistakes To Avoid

Nobody thinks they’re biased but we’re all swayed by unconscious forces. Here are 10 biases that can derail campus recruitment. Shortlisting candidates is hard. What do you do when you have hundreds of great applications for just one role? As the deadline for decision making grows closer, we typically start processing applications faster. The faster…

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