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Hiring Gen-Z: What Employers Need To Know

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What employers need to know about hiring Gen-Z

Watch our exclusive panel discussion on-demand now, in partnership with

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Gen-Z – the generation recruiters can't afford to ignore

Although it feels like recent history, the world has shifted on its axis since the year 2000. Baby Boomers, Gen-X and most Millennials grew up with a consistent approach to jobs and careers.

But as we enter 2021, there has never been a bigger gap between early talent candidates and their social norms, and the employer branding and value proposition approaches that are prevalent in the recruiting and hiring process.

Just how effective are current recruitment approaches (the technology, messages, processes and tools used) when it comes to engaging with and hiring “early talent”?

Our panel will discuss:

Are Gen-Z properly understood by employers?

How can organizations engage with early talent?

Are the current ways of attracting and engaging early talent outdated and ineffective?

How can employers value proposition and hiring messaging reach a diverse young audience?

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Our Gen-Z talent experts:

lily headshot

Lily Fothergill

Co-Founder, Half-Full
Lily is co-founder of Half-Full, a media company on a mission to make it easier for all young people to enter the world of work, by helping employers better attract and engage Gen Z using social media. Lily is passionate about making the world of work more accessible and inclusive for all young people. She is also driven by the opportunity digital technology presents to reduce the skills gap, and improve the journey from the education system to employment.
Amina Headshot


Software engineer and content creator
Amina is a software engineer with a focus on accessibility being a standard and not an afterthought. She is also a content creator, writer and podcast host discussing all things tech, careers and community.
Samantha Hornsby - Co-Founder, ERIC

Samantha Hornsby

Co-Founder, ERIC
Sam is the Co-Founder of ERIC, an edtech app that connects young people with influencer-style career educators and creatively-branded companies. Sam is a Gen Z specialist and is particularly interested in entertainment-led education and communication. She's also a big advocate of the 4 day work week.
Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

CEO, Headstart
Gareth is the CEO at Headstart, an applicant management and matching software that helps early talent teams fight discrimination in hiring. Gareth has a keen interest in architecting new solutions in predicting human potential, talent analytics, and the power of diversity and inclusion.