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the hr community

Human resources and recruiting professionals are working in silos all over the world, pushing for diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

It's isolating, frustrating, and seemingly thankless work; despite that, you know (and we know) that the job that they are doing is paramount to creating a fairer society and equal opportunities for all.


the purpose of hire up

The Hire Up network is a space where recruiting professionals fighting against rising inequality, rampant discrimination, and a lack of corporate diversity can connect with like-minded professionals.

Together, turning their shared vision into actionable change.

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tap into over thirty years of human resources experience through the mentorship program;
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gain exclusive opportunities to share your opinion and amplify your voice;
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access quality HR resources and tools each month;
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be part of a united force towards the advancement of authentic commitments to D&I

Hire Up is a united force towards inclusion and diversity in the workplace –– bringing together the HR community to accomplish workplace equality and accelerate global change.

Will you help build a fairer future?

Hire Up welcomes individuals of all backgrounds. New members enter the network through monthly intakes, ensuring the community is brimming with experts, and all members share a commitment to building diverse and inclusive organizations.

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Join the network

The Hire Up Facebook group is a private space fueled by the curation of exciting news. Here the Hire Up network connect, seek quality advice, and strive for equality.


The monthly Hire Up newsletter goes out to 2,300 recruiters. Showcasing personal Hire Up interviews plus a buzz report, top resources, and thought-provoking reads.


The Hire Up Annual Summit is a place where recruiters lead the debate. It is a platform for Hire Up members to build connections and voice their big ideas on diversity and inclusion in recruitment .

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