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Lead the way in fair recruiting

Fight discrimination, hire future leaders, and improve business performance with Headstart's applicant matching and management system for early talent hiring.

Fight discrimination to improve diversity

For the last few years, the dominant narrative has been to improve diversity by tackling unconscious bias, broader sourcing, leading outreach programs, and externally promoting their support for diversity causes. But the impact has been negligible.

The tide is turning. Business leaders are acknowledging their moral duty to customers, employees, shareholders and wider society. And now is the time for action. 

It’s no longer enough to improve diversity. Businesses must actively fight discrimination in their hiring process.

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Fight unconscious bias

Actively move past internalized bias on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and background - whilst creating real change. Headstart scores candidates on their true fit against your role, highlighting those with the most potential to succeed.

Level the playing field

Use socioeconomic background data to level the playing field for all candidates. Headstart can collect data on family background and residential deprivation to upweight candidates that have made progress against the odds.

Isolate and measure bias

Discover stages in your pipeline that are affected by bias. Headstart’s pipeline analytics can show areas with high drop-off rates for gender and ethnicity.

Create meaningful change

Get the information you need to push diversity forward in your hiring process. Integrated analytics show areas of success and opportunities for improvement across your candidate base and pipeline.

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Hire future leaders and improve hiring accuracy

The early talent market is more competitive than ever before. Organizations across all industries are now fighting to win the same academically-talented candidates. Teams are struggling with higher candidate and hiring manager expectations, whilst dealing with a growing issue of graduate attrition.

Hire the "right" talent: candidates with relevant skills and experiences to contribute, develop, and grow your organization for the long-term. 

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Focus on skills

Find best-fit candidates, reject irrelevant applications, and speed through screening faster by using machine learning to create unique candidate-role fit scores.

Fight bias and hire fair

Level the playing field and remove unconscious bias from the process to screen candidates for the right expertise and cultural fit, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation or ethnic status.

Look beyond education and experience

Assess candidates fairly and contextually, using psychographic data as well as traditional screening points. Analyse role-fit and culture-fit, as well as personal traits, behaviours and motivations to gain a holistic understanding of each candidate's application.

Grow applications 

Build your talent pool and increase applications from all candidate groups. Headstart's intuitive, time-saving, and mobile-optimized application process enables candidates to easily apply, while collecting the vital information you need for effective screening.

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Improve business performance and save costs

Early talent is no longer restricted to the few universities you partner with. Talented candidates can apply for your open roles - or they'll apply for your competitors. Recruiting teams need to move faster to win the best talent, but legacy tools are slowing them down.

Focus on higher-value work, get better insight into your performance, and reduce time-to-hire by automating manual work. 


Move faster to compete and win

Identify high-potential candidates from application with their personalized matchscore. Automate communications and speed up your time to hire with integrated questionnaires and assessments.

Streamlined workflow from screen to hire

Reduce context-switching and control everything in one place. Move candidates through your process, manage communications, and get insight into pipeline analytics with one platform.

Seamless end-to-end integrations

Embed Headstart into your existing software stack, with integrations into content management systems, assessment providers, and HRIS platforms.

Reduce clicks with an intuitive platform

Move effort wasted on repetitive manual tasks with smart automation and save time with an intuitive, straight-forward applicant tracking system built for the modern recruiter.


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early talent recruitment software recommendation

Catalina Schveninger

Global Head of Resourcing and EVP, Vodafone
Headstart will enable us to attract the most talented candidates and match them with exciting job or rotational program opportunities. We believe in the great potential this disruptive piece of tech has.

Gareth Williams

Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer, Travelex
Headstart are disrupting recruitment by changing the way companies think about hiring talent. Rather than focusing on grades, education and experience, they concentrate on traits such as high performance and utilise AI models to help organisations recruit talent more efficiently.