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Workplace Diversity Fatigue 

After all the proud announcements and specialized training, legal challenges, and societal spotlights on discrimination, you can't help but wonder: "Is diversity fatigue creeping into my workplace?"

We have the resources to help you recognize and understand what's happening in your teams, diagnose the symptoms of diversity fatigue at work, and get things back on track.


Step 1: Uncover Diversity Fatigue at Work




Step 2: Understand and Overcome Diversity Fatigue

What is diversity fatigue?

Defined as the stress managers can feel when striving to achieve D&I goals, workplace diversity fatigue has the potential to impact not only those tasked with hiring, training, and retaining the best (diverse) talent available, but it can seep into the company culture, too.

Why does diversity fatigue happen?

At its most basic, diversity fatigue boils down to a disconnect. Either you’re saying one thing, and doing something different. Or your leaders are promoting a certain mindset and approach, without it being echoed by the wider organization.

The good news is: by spotting these disconnects, you can begin to fill in the gaps.

How to fix and prevent diversity fatigue

It's impossible to fix or prevent diversity fatigue: it will ebb and flow with the progress you and your team are making towards diversity and inclusion.

It's important that you're actively looking for areas of stress and fatigue, and taking proactive steps to get back on track.