About Us

Headstart is on a mission to transform the way organisations hire! We are the world's first diversity driven Applicant Matching and Management System.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve disrupted the recruitment industry with the idea that ‘people are more than a piece of paper’. We believe in contextualising data to change the way organisations think about people and talent.

Our highly diverse team is unified by the obsession of fairness and the pursuit of truth.

We’re using technology to change recruitment forever.

We use Machine Learning and Data Science to transform the recruitment process, enabling clients to find the right high potential employees regardless of gender, ethnic status, sexual orientation or age.

With major brands like Accenture, Lazard and Travelex publicly supporting our mission, Headstart is already improving the recruitment experience for candidates around the world.

Our Mission

To make recruitment fair for everyone.

Our Culture

We are a small (but perfectly formed!) team with a base in London and a hub in San Francisco, taking on an almost impossible vision with limited resources. We have come a long way in a very short space of time and that's down to the dynamics of the team. We are a fully transparent and open business and we try and engage everyone from across the business in all key decisions and actions, regardless of whether you are in product, operations, sales or customer success.

Fully Flexible

We treat everyone as adults and are a results focused business which means you have the freedom to organise your own working day and style to compliment the rest of your team.

We believe people work at their best when they feel their best, both mentally and physically, so we believe in the importance of giving people autonomy and responsibility to deliver in a way that allows them to deliver their best personal and professional selves

Fully Remote

We operate a remote, fully distributed model which means that in conjunction with giving you full flexibility around when you work, you should also have the choice of where to work.

We believe that the technology of today allows every individual to contribute to building a great business without having to waste precious hours on a depressing commute or being forced to work in an homogenised environment that suits everyone yet suits no one.

To find out more, read our ethos on remote and flexible working here.

Headstart.io Team

We're committed to enabling true diversity in organisations.

That’s why, when it comes to diversity, we are all in.

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