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Find the best candidates fast and increase diversity

Screen thousands of candidates instantly and increase the quality and diversity of your hiring.

headstart fairscreen - recruiting software for hr

Pack your pipeline with potential

Find the best candidates fast

Filter out ineligible applicants and rank candidates based on their unique fit for each role

Treat every candidate fairly

Assess every candidate equally and uncover hidden talent from diverse backgrounds

Focus on the tasks that matter

Screen instantly and automate your hiring process to reduce manual work and lighten your team’s workload

Trusted by top global organizations

Balfour Beatty
Smiths Group

Adrian Love

European Recruitment Director, Accenture

"Headstart has been a key partner in helping us deliver diverse talent into Accenture’s Early Talent Programmes.

The insights that Headstart provides us help us steer our recruitment engagement strategy and it’s intuitive digital approach adds to our unique and innovative proposition. It has had real impact for us at Accenture”

A recruiting platform with real impact


increase in female tech hiring


less time screening


increase in ethnic minority hiring


application completion rate

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Hire faster and fairer

Every recruiting team is different, but all can benefit from a faster and fairer hiring process. Find out how you can uncover hidden talent and reduce your team’s workload with Headstart.