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15% bias reduction for Asian ethnic minorities, and 18% bias reduction for Black ethnic minorities.

Diversity in large organizations is more than a nice idea, and requires more than just good intentions.

90% Completion Rate

Broaden your talent pool.

20% Reduction in Bias

Screen with fairness and objectivity.

82% Pipeline Automation

Isolate bias at each stage of your pipeline.

Diversity Through Data


Screen Fast

Screen high volumes in seconds, with machine learning models designed for your unique requirements. Automate pipelines to reduce time to hire, whilst increasing diversity in your talent pool.


Data in Context

Screen Fair

Make screening accessible for all candidates and stay connected to your talent pool. Use data science to identify potential and match candidates to truly suitable roles.

Machine Learning

Screen Accurately

Assess candidates fairly and contextually, using psychographic data as well as traditional screening points. Analyse role-fit and culture-fit, as well as personal traits, behaviours and motivations.


Origins & Quant

Transparent Analytics

Use integrated analytics to isolate and measure bias within stages of your recruitment pipeline. Create meaningful change with clear, real-time analytics to increase the output of all HR tools and point solutions.

Integrate and Automate

End to End Data Platform

Integrate existing solutions into an end-to-end platform, to measure total pipeline efficacy. View your pipeline like a customer journey, by assessing all stages in context.


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Katie George

EMEA Tech Campus Lead, Amazon
It isn’t often you encounter a truly unique new offering in the recruitment market, so when you are faced with something as disruptive and innovative as Headstart, you have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon!

Catalina Schveninger

Global Head of Resourcing and EVP, Vodafone
Headstart will enable us to attract the most talented candidates and match them with exciting job or rotational program opportunities. We believe in the great potential this disruptive piece of tech has.

Aritha Wikramasinghe

Financial Times Future Global LBGT Leader of the Year, Board Member at ThinkEqual
For too long businesses have used recruitment strategies that have left talented and skilled graduates behind. Headstart is about correcting that mistake. It's about recruiting for the future.

Gareth Williams

Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer, Travelex
Headstart are disrupting recruitment by changing the way companies think about hiring talent. Rather than focusing on grades, education and experience, they concentrate on traits such as high performance and utilise AI models to help organisations recruit talent more efficiently.